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UNDP Somalia promotes Women Empowerment


Mogadishu, 19 October 2021 (TDI): UNDP Somalia shares Building Alternative Dispute Resolution Centres Based on Transformative Change: The Example of Baidoa on the official Twitter account today. UNDP added women are more confident and active in communities after Nonviolent Communication training.

This initiative is a recent approach to conflict resolution at the bottom level of Somalia and the UN Joint Justice Programme. Under this approach, they are giving Nonviolent Communication (NVC) training at the Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre (ADR) in Baidoa.

The training focuses on building new skills in conflict resolution and exploring new techniques to restore the situations. This training was taken by a certified NVC trainer and dedicated to women leaders, religious leaders, and traditional elders. During this training,  there are various activities in developing empathetic listening, challenging norms, and assumptions.

The report based on this topic outlines the changes at three different levels including at  the individual and interpersonal relations, the ADR center, and the wider community. The reports also highlight the lessons learned and build recommendations for the future.


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