U.S. donates Pfizer Vaccine to Togo

The US Donated Covid-19 Vaccines to Togo

Lome, 19 October 2021(TDI): The United States donated 301, 860 doses of Pfizer vaccine to Togo on Sunday.

According to the US Department of State, the US under its commitment to ensuring global vaccine equity, is the world’s largest vaccine donor to COVAX.

COVAX is a global initiative led by Gavi, CEPI, WHO, and various other collaborative partners including the USA. COVAX initiative seeks to ensure equitable Covid-19 vaccine distribution globally.

Under the same COVAX initiative, the USA is also collaborating with African Union to ensure vaccine delivery to the people of Africa as well.

Earlier this month,  the US has donated 1 million single-dose Covid-19 vaccines to Ethiopia. Whereas, the US has also delivered above 100,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses to Eswatini in the same month.

The USA in collaboration with Gavi is also working with the African Union to prevent the spread of the Covid virus.

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