UN Women celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is celebrated as the Month of Bread Cancer Awareness globally

Bangkok, 9 October 2021 (TDI): October is the Month of Breast Cancer Awareness, which is celebrated globally. UN Women is celebrating this month by sharing information to raise awareness regarding Breast Cancer.

UN Women Asia Pacific shared that around 7.8 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer in the past 3 years. This makes it the world’s most prevalent cancer by the end of 2020. They celebrate this month to remember and honour those who have lost their lives because of breast cancer. UN Women also share that the world needs more awareness, research, and progress in the healthcare of women globally.

Besides skin cancer, it is the most common cancer among women. That’s why an entire month is dedicated to awareness. According to the WHO, a few healthy choices and interventions can help in decreasing the chances of breast cancer. These choices are; prolonged breastfeeding, regular physical activity, weight control, avoidance of harmful use of alcohol, and avoidance of exposure to tobacco smoke. Breast cancer occurs globally in women at any age after puberty but with increasing rates in later life.

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