Cypriot Council of Minister adopted a strategy for Economic Diplomacy

Economic Diplomacy- The Council of Minister of Cyprus

Nicosia, 9 October 2021 (TDI): The Council of Minister of Cyprus adopted a strategy for Economic Diplomacy.

The government of Cyprus moved it for the implementation process after it was adopted jointly. The implementation of the strategy will under the supervision of the competent ministers by the government policy.
Under the adopted strategy for Economic Diplomacy from 2021-2023, Ministry of Foreign Affairs with its diplomatic missions will play active role in:
  • promoting the economic interests of Cyprus
  • significant role in increasing the trade
  • and direct foreign investment of the country
The adopted strategy also emphasized the creation of the inter-ministerial committee. The inter-ministerial committee will consist of ministers from the Foreign Ministry, Finance Ministry and the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry.
The Foreign Ministry of Cyprus will also play its role in expanding the country’s export. It will be working to enhance market share for the business sector.
Cyprus developed Economic Diplomacy after analyzing the economic policies of other countries. Country hope that the adopted strategy will help to enhance the economy of Cyprus.

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