Washington, 24 March 2022 (TDI): After one month of the Russian invasion of Ukraine; on 24 February, today the NATO member states sat together to discuss the aftermath of this crisis, in Brussels.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden attend the summit. Every state of the world wishes to hold Russia accountable for its unjustified actions. They have applauded Ukraine and its efforts to defend itself from Russia.

All the NATO members have supported President Zelensky of Ukraine and agreed to his request for aiding his nation in such a devastating time against the Russian assault.

The United States (US) has offered more than $1 billion dollars in military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The United States has also promised to provide anti-aircraft systems, anti-armor weapons, drones, and millions of rounds of ammunition.

They have also requested all the allies who might provide any type of defense to Ukraine on the battlefield may it be air support or missile systems. The summit also discussed ways of boosting their defensive stance in the eastern part of Europe.

NATO is still strong as well as determined to defend itself from all foreign and internal threats. Different battle groups in Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, as well as Romania, are also deployed.

This action communicates to all the enemies that NATO is united and ready to protect its domain. A progressive and practical strategic concept that ensures NATO’s strength is to be adopted.

As per the decision of this latest summit of NATO, new tactics, forces, and new technology to boost their security are also to be devised for the next NATO summit in June.