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Devastating Russian Missile attack on Children’s hospital in Ukraine


KYIV, Ukraine, 9 July 2024 (TDI): In a tragic escalation of the ongoing conflict, at least 36 civilians lost their lives and more than 100 were injured yesterday when a Russian missile barrage targeted multiple locations across Ukraine, including the country’s largest children’s hospital in Kyiv.

This daytime assault marks the heaviest single-day bombardment in the past four months of the 29-month-long Russia-Ukraine war.

Ukraine’s air defenses successfully intercepted 30 out of 38 missiles, which officials identified as a mix of aerial, ballistic, and cruise missiles. Despite these efforts, at least 50 civilian buildings were damaged across central and eastern Ukraine.

In response to the attack, the UN Security Council is convening an emergency meeting today to address the situation and discuss potential actions.

This surge in aggression coincides with a significant NATO summit in Washington, DC, where Western leaders are gathering for three days of talks. Key topics on the agenda include Ukraine’s potential membership in the military alliance and the introduction of a new support package.

For further updates on the situation, please stay tuned.

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