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The U.S Condemned the Houthi Attack on Civilian Neighborhood in Yemen


Washington, 5 October 2021 (TDI): The U.S strongly condemned the October 3 missile attack by Houthi rebels in Yemen. The missile attack hit the civilian-populated neighborhood al-Rawdha.

According to the spokesperson of the U.S State department Ned Price, the missile attack killed about thirty-three civilians, two children and left one injured.

In a press statement by the U.S State Department, the US has called on Houthis to cease fighting and engage in talks led by the UN. The press statement also blamed Houthis as standing in way of peace in Yemen, since now both the parties to the conflict-the government of Yemen and Saudi Arabia have agreed to solve the conflict via talks.

Houthis have been very active and intense in their attacks since the start of the year. They are carrying out frequent and more intense attacks both inside Yemen and against Saudi Arabia, this has exacerbated the already worsened humanitarian crisis in Yemen.




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