Brussels, 27 November 2021 (TDI): President of the EU Council, Charles Michel delivered his remarks at the press conference held after the two-day ASEM13 summit.

During the press conference, the President EU Council said that ASEM13 is an “excellent opportunity” that brought together about 50 partners in Asia and Europe to deliberate over Asia-Europe cooperation. President Michel also underlined that members of ASEM are highly interconnected via mutual interests and deep ties.

Additionally, he outlined that since the world is faced with the constant challenges of climate change, security, and now the Covid-19, the world must work and take action together.

Charles Michel, while delivering his remarks, also mentioned that ASEM13 was among the most significant “multilateral” gatherings of 2021. He highlighted important issues discussed in the meeting including the green transformation, post-pandemic socio-economic recovery and, strengthening cooperation on security and foreign policies.

President Michel also outlined the common objectives of the ASEM members; protecting the health of citizens, ensuring and rebuilding economies in a “sustainable way” are a few objectives as emphasized by the President at the press conference.

During the press conference, he also delivered remarks regarding the significance of the Indo-Pacific to the EU. He stated that the EU is already a leading investor and trading partner in the Indo-Pacific region.

Since the importance of the region is growing for the EU, it has decided to strengthen its “strategic focus and actions with the region”. In this regard, Michel underscored that the EU’s “Strategy for Cooperation” with the states in Indo-Pacific conveys a strong sign.

Lastly, President Michel expressed his gratitude to all the participating members for their insightful contributions.

What is ASEM?

ASEM is an informal dialogue and cooperation between Asia and Europe. It includes 30 European countries and 21 Asian countries. It is a platform where member states deliberate over issues of mutual interests.

This year’s meeting of ASEM; ASEM13 marked the 25th anniversary of this platform. ASEM13 was held between 25-26th November under the theme of “strengthening multilateralism for shared growth”.