New York, 26 November 2021 (TDI): In a Joint statement, Nordic Countries have stressed addressing global illicit arms trade. Ambassador Anna Karin Eneström delivered the joint statement on behalf of Nordic states in the UNSC meeting.

Anna Karin Eneström is the Permanent Representative of Sweden to the United Nations. The Nordic States include Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

The UNSC meeting on “The impact of the diversion and trafficking of arms on peace and security” was held on Monday. During the meeting, Ambassador Eneström expressed her gratitude to Mexico for calling the UNSC meeting on this vital issue.

Ambassador Eneström, while delivering her statement, said that illegal transfer and misuse of small arms and light weapons (SALW) are the main reason for conflict at regional and global levels.

She also added that SALW eases “organized crimes”, hinders “humanitarian assistance,” and threatens civilian lives, including children and women. In this regard, Ambassador suggested intensified efforts to combat illegal trade and use of SALW.

Ambassador Eneström also referred to the seventh biennial report of the UN Secretary-General on SALW. She remarked that global efforts should especially focus on “serious effects of uncontrolled arms flows on children and youths.”

She also highlighted that UN’s program of “Action to prevent, combat and eradicate” the SALW and its “International Tracing Instruments” are vital means for combating the threat of SALW.

In a Joint statement, she underlined Nordic Countries as the strong supporter of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). Arms Trade Treaty outlines essential norms for legal and responsible arms trade.

Recommendation made by Ambassador Eneström on behalf of Nordic Countries

During the UNSC meeting, Ambassador Eneström on behalf of Nordic states provided several recommendations to address the illicit global trade of SALW.

  • Firstly, Nordic States called for new approaches and collaboration among regional initiatives to promote joint efforts against combatting SALW.
  • The Nordic States especially highlighted that efforts for integrating the “gender perspective” in disarmament and arms control takes precedence for Nordic countries. In this regard, they suggested streamlining the arms control endeavors with women and security agenda.
  • To streamline arms control efforts by integrating gender perspective, Nordic States also recommended including women in arms control dialogue. They emphasized having equal representation “of women in disarmament dialogues.”

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