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EU condemns Ethiopia on UN officials expulsion


Brussels, 5 October 2021 (TDI): According to High Representative/Vice President Josep Borell Fontelles, the EU and its Member States condemn the Government of Ethiopia’s decision to expel seven UN officials. This is also about the ongoing daily impediments to bringing aid to people in need in Tigray as well as other parts of northern Ethiopia.

The EU and its member states strongly oppose Ethiopia’s decision to expel seven United Nations (UN) officials from the country. The EU fully supports the UN- OCHA, OHCHR, and UNICEF.  These agencies are directly affected by the decision.

This action risks jeopardizing the capacity to provide assistance to millions of Ethiopians in grave humanitarian need. This comes at a time when relief organizations have been hampered to perform their relief work in Tigra, north of Ethiopia.

Millions of Ethiopians depend upon UN support for survival. The values of compassion, neutrality, impartiality, and independence are always at the forefront of humanitarian action. Keeping these concepts in mind EU urge and ensures that assistance gets to where it is most needed. The EU urges Ethiopia’s government to reconsider its decision as soon as possible. The EU also encourages all parties to the conflict to safeguard humanitarian activities and personnel. EU asks to provide safe, quick, and unhindered access in accordance with international humanitarian law.


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