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Kuwait condemns terrorists attacks


Kuwait, 19 November 2021 (TDI): Kuwait strongly condemns the terrorist Houthi militia’s ongoing attempts to endanger Saudi Arabia’s security. By concentrating on civilians and residential areas. This was revealed in a statement issued by Kuwait’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday. It follows Houthi drone assaults on the city of Najran and the Abha airport. The Foreign Ministry criticized the Houthi militants’ attacks on civilians and residential areas.

Kuwait further urged the international community to act swiftly and forcefully to deter such threats and bring those responsible accountable. Likewise, Kuwait’s unwavering support for Saudi Arabia was also reaffirmed in the statement. In all of the steps, it takes to maintain its security, stability, and sovereignty.

Kuwait Actions on Hezbollah Involvement

Prosecutors in Kuwait have arrested 18 persons suspected of funding Lebanon’s powerful Shia Muslim militia Hezbollah. According to Al Qabas, the prosecution ruled that the inmates be held at the central prison for 21 days. While investigations into alleged illegal party membership, money laundering, and spying continue.

Furthermore, Kuwait has historically maintained harmonious relations with its larger neighbors. It convicted a group of Shiite Kuwaitis in 2016 for spying for Iran and Hezbollah, accusing Tehran of attempting to destabilize it at the time. Iran had denied any link. As well, several of those convicted in that case were released earlier this month as a result of a pardon issued by Kuwait’s governing emir. Under an amnesty intended to break the standoff between the administration and opposition legislators.

Lebanon is in the midst of a diplomatic crisis as Gulf powers become increasingly concerned about Hezbollah’s growing influence over Lebanese politics. Last month, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain expelled Lebanese diplomats after a minister’s criticism of Saudi Arabia’s military action in Yemen. Hence, Riyadh has prohibited all imports from Lebanon. Riyadh is strongly against Hezbollah’s dominance.

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