Washington D.C., 19 November 2021 (TDI): The United States President, Joe Biden, welcomed his Mexican counterpart Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Washington yesterday. The officials assembled at the White House following the North American Leaders’ Summit (NALS).

The event, also known as the “three amigos” summit, convened after five years as former US President Donald Trump discontinued the tradition in 2017. The trilateral meeting aimed to strengthen cooperation between Washington, Ottawa, and Mexico city in various fields.

Biden, who assumed office in January 2021, seeks to strengthen relations with the North American neighbors to rebuild alliances and bolster Washington’s support for international organizations.

During the diplomatic engagement, the leaders exhibited a willingness to set up a new path for their partnership and affirmed increased cooperation to tackle global challenges. The areas of discussion included;

Efforts to Tackle Covid-19

During the Summit, the officials pledged to take concrete measures in support of their shared objectives, such as ending the Covid-19 pandemic and advancing global health. Considering this, the ‘three amigos’ stressed promoting universal access to vaccines and investing in the health workforce.

Addressing Climate Change and Unequal Growth

The leaders also exhibited a commitment to making joint efforts to achieve equitable growth, particularly through strengthening diverse and resilient supply chains across the region.

On the subject of climate, the officials discussed ways to manage the climate crisis; for instance, by reducing deforestation and conserving 30 percent of the region’s land and waters by 2030.

The Problem of Irregular Migration

While in Washington, President Obrador, President Biden, and Prime Minister Trudeau also exchanged views on the complex factors leading towards a surge in irregular migration throughout the hemisphere.

In this regard, they affirmed making a coordinated regional response that prioritizes secure and regular migration. The leaders also pledged to develop a regional compact rooted in the protection of North America against terrorism and transnational crimes.

The officials also agreed to meet next year in Mexico as the country will be hosting the North American Leaders’ Summit 2022.