Baku, 18 July 2023(TDI): On a quest to advance Azerbaijan-Russia relations, Azerbaijani Minister Jeyhun Bayramov held in-depth talks with Mikhail Yevdokimov, the recently appointed Russian Ambassador to Azerbaijan.

The Ambassador presented a copy of his credentials to Minister Bayramov, who extended congratulations and expressed well wishes for his diplomatic mission.

They iterated on the significance of upholding the principles of good neighbourliness, friendship, and mutual understanding in Azerbaijan-Russia relations.

Also, they spoke on various matters of mutual concern, including the regional aftermath of the 44-day Patriotic War, the ongoing peace process between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and the issues of cooperation within international organizations’ framework.

Throughout the meeting, both sides emphasized the historical foundation of the Azerbaijan-Russia relationship, based on principles such as mutual respect for independence, state sovereignty, and territorial integrity as outlined in the Declaration on Allied Interaction signed by the two countries.

However, the Armenian side’s position refutes these fundamental principles by challenging Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, Minister Bayramov reaffirmed.

Additionally, attention was given to the Lachin border checkpoint. Azerbaijan expressed deep concern over the provocative actions initiated by the Armenian side in the vicinity of the checkpoint.

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Azerbaijan stressed the indispensable role of the checkpoint in curbing illegal activities and ensuring transparency in the region.

Despite these concerns, Azerbaijan restated its commitment to create conditions to facilitate the crossing of Armenian residents through the checkpoint.

Furthermore, Azerbaijan proposed utilizing the Aghdam-Khankendi road as an alternative route to accommodate the needs of Armenian residents in Azerbaijan.

Moreover, Azerbaijan promised to resolve the problem of the “rights and security” of Armenian residents per national law and highlighted that the conversations in this regard have begun with Armenian inhabitants.

Later on, the parties compared notes on bilateral and regional issues of mutual interest.