Bucharest, 29 September 2023 (TDI): Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania, Luminița Odobescu spearheaded discussions at the Euro-Atlantic Forum for Resilience (E-ARC), focusing on the critical theme of “Resilience at Sea and its Impact on Land.”

This international gathering, organized by the Euro-Atlantic Center for Resilience, assembled various experts.

In a thought-provoking address, Minister Odobescu highlighted the urgency of this topic in light of the Russian Federation’s ongoing aggression in Ukraine, particularly in the Black Sea region.

She underscored the geopolitical significance of the Black Sea region, located at the heart of this conflict. She emphasized that resilience, encompassing military and civilian dimensions, has become a strategic priority.

The Minister called for an integrated approach to combat hybrid threats while stressing the importance of cooperation between governments and citizens.

Notably, she condemned Russia’s use of food as a weapon, obstructing the transport of essential agricultural products from Ukraine.

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Additionally, Minister Odobescu reaffirmed Romania’s commitment to collaborating with neighboring states and strategic partners to facilitate the transit of these vital goods through Romanian ports.

Minister Odobescu’s speech also addressed the need for resilience in countering cyber-attacks. She emphasized that it extends beyond strengthening cybersecurity to encompass proactive involvement from civil society.

NATO’s Embrace of Resilience

Romania firmly supports NATO’s emphasis on resilience to adapt to the ever-changing security landscape. This approach includes reducing dependence on actors misaligned with transatlantic values while strengthening ties with like-minded global partners.

Minister Luminița Odobescu underlined that a successful deterrence strategy calls for an integrated approach, enlisting the efforts of governments and citizens alike. Furthermore, resilience should remain the lodestar guiding actions at every level.

The Minister commended the Forum’s thematic choice, “Resilience at Sea and its Impact on Land,” highlighting its pertinence concerning Russia’s naval role in the ongoing conflict.

In conclusion, the Euro-Atlantic Resilience Forum remains a crucial platform for addressing contemporary security challenges.