Kuwait, 29 December 2021 (TDI): Kuwait and Pakistan medical associations co-hosted a free camp for ex-pats. The Society of Pakistani Doctors in Kuwait (SPDK) led the event in coordination with Kuwait Medical Association (KMA).

Under the strong ties of Kuwait and Pakistan, the SPDK once again organized an expatriate medical camp. It is the 20th free medical camp organized to support the Pakistani community in Kuwait.

Work of Society of Pakistani Doctors in Kuwait

In this regard, the Society of Pakistani Doctors in Kuwait represents a forum to unite Pakistani doctors within the ex-pat population. Therefore, they focus their job on medical camps, campaigns, and medical awareness walks and talks. 

Thus, this initiative has been supported by the Kuwaiti government since the beginning of the SPDK operation in the State. That is why Kuwait’s government has been recruiting Pakistan doctors since 2005. 

Not to mention that the Kuwaiti cabinet approved in July the Minister of Health’s request about Pakistan’s professionals in medicine to work in Kuwait.

It was about including them to back up Kuwait’s health sector. In this matter, Pakistani doctors, nurses, and technicians support Kuwait in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

More organizations involved in Kuwait’s Health Sector

On the other hand, the SPDK is not the only Pakistani non-profit medical organization operating in Kuwait. Friends Welfare Trust, a non-governmental organization in Pakistan, has also been supporting the Pakistani community in Kuwait. This is through different health programs such as free medical camps.

Since its inception, the Friends Welfare Trust aims to contribute to current health services in Kuwait for Pakistani people. That is why, nowadays, the FWT is running 4 medical centers in Kuwait to expand its activities to rural and unprivileged areas.

As a result, the Trust established the Teenage Health Education Program. It is the hallmark of the Trust’s activities in Kuwait to create health awareness in people from slum places.

In addition to that, it is important to note that the Kuwait Medical Association (KMA) has been encouraging international organizations to sponsor free medical activities.

This is because the KMA is the first professional association in the Gulf Cooperation Council. So that, it seeks to raise the level of well-being of the Arab population.

Sri Lankan Embassy in Kuwait held a Medical Camp in coordination with Al Rahma Committee and Indian Youth Club.
Sri Lankan Embassy in Kuwait held a Camp in coordination with Al Rahma Committee and Indian Youth Club.

Nevertheless, the Kuwait government also organized free medical camps in cooperation with the Sri Lankan Embassy in Kuwait.

In this camp, the Al Rahma Committee for medical services and the Indian Youth Club joined to accomplish the objective. 

To cater to the health needs of thousands of Sri Lankans in Kuwait, the three partners provided check-ups and pieces of advice for the ex-pat attendees. They also distributed free medicine to patients.

Likewise, they joined one-to-one basis appointments with Kuwaiti, Indian, Pakistani, and Sri Lankan professionals in medicine.