Moscow, 25 February 2022 (TDI): The Russian government made its position about protecting its population from NATO eastward expansion. However, many states have raised their voices in rejection of its military operations officially initiated yesterday. The main reason addressed is the violation of International Law.

The Russian Federation has been contacting its allies to endorse a joint position due to the Ukraine Crisis. Along these lines, the government has stated the latest events in Donetsk and Lugansk. Not to mention, Russia showed disagreement with international organizations and human rights agencies for accusing the federation of no reason.

Vladimir Putin and Ebrahim Raisi Phone Call

In this regard, the Russian Federation received a call from Iran’s President. Both leaders discussed mainly Russia’s participation in Ukraine Crisis. To which President Vladimir Putin explained Ebrahim Raisi that the special military operations carry out the objective to protect civilians.

In response, the Iranian President expressed his understanding of Russian government security concerns. He also directly accused the United States and NATO. In addition, both authorities reaffirmed their commitment to continue working together. Especially they addressed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Anti-Russia Posture?

On the other hand, many States disagreed with the Russian government concerning its military operation against Ukraine. To this, the Federation answered by pointing out that they have been over the decades converging solutions over the NATO’s enlargement.

The government mentioned that they had proposed realistic alternatives to avoid placing Russia under international security danger. These include the Treaty on European Security 2008 and recent arrangements between the parties involved. In addition, the Russian government engaged in multilateral and bilateral meetings with Eastern counterparts.

For these reasons, the Russian Federation rejected any “Anti-Russia” position. In the statement, the government established that they had advocated joining Kiev in the negotiations as well as in the Minsk agreement application. Nonetheless, Rusia stated that the NATO military position and support by European countries created a danger to the federation.

To sum up, the Russian government highlighted that the bad publicity against the country will not succeed. They explained that Russia still looks forward to a peaceful de-escalation of the conflict. However, the meaningful dialogue should result in a comprehensive solution in the Europe and Euro-Atlantic region.