Tokyo, 30 August 2023(TDI): In a significant step towards strengthening international cooperation, Mr. Kishida Fumio, the Prime Minister of Japan, engaged in a productive courtesy call with H.E. Mr. Santiago Andrés Cafiero, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade, and Worship of the Argentine Republic, on August 29.

Prime Minister Kishida extended a warm welcome to Foreign Minister Cafiero, acknowledging the latter’s inaugural visit to Japan.

Highlighting Argentina’s status as a vital “strategic partner” for Japan, Prime Minister Kishida emphasized the significance of deepening ties between the countries, particularly in light of the 125th anniversary of diplomatic relations this year.

Foreign Minister Cafiero reciprocated the sentiment by expressing his commitment to advancing bilateral relations, particularly in resource collaboration.

Discussions extended to include a comprehensive view of potential opportunities in strategic sectors.

A crucial element of the dialogue involved Prime Minister Kishida outlining Japan’s stance on the recent initiation of ALPS-treated water discharge into the ocean, a subject informed by the evaluation presented in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Comprehensive Report.

Foreign Minister Cafiero voiced his understanding and support for Japan’s ongoing efforts.

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Foreign Minister Cafiero expressed enthusiasm about the prospects for technological collaboration and heightened Japanese investments across sectors, including agribusiness, energy, and mining.

The talks also revolved around shared concerns and ambitions on the global stage.

Prime Minister Kishida and Foreign Minister Cafiero concurred on the importance of collaborative efforts concerning nuclear disarmament and climate change, further affirming the harmonious approach the nations share on international issues.

Notably, both leaders acknowledged the remarkable progress of the joint Argentina-Japan business committee and its forthcoming discussions on investment prospects in various productive sectors, including agribusiness, energy, and mining.