Beijing, 30 August 2023 (TDI): In a significant step towards enhancing diplomatic relations, the Foreign Secretary of the UK, James Cleverly, engaged in a significant visit to China, holding talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

During the talks, Wang Yi emphasized the significance of open dialogue and collaboration as the cornerstone of China’s policy towards the UK. Wang stressed that dialogue and cooperation are the keywords and main tone of China’s policy towards the UK.

He underlined the shared responsibility of both nations as major global players to address pressing international challenges and maintain global peace and stability.

The high-level talks also touched upon crucial international matters, including the Ukrainian crisis and the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue.

Furthermore, Cleverley engaged in in-depth conversations regarding the National Security Law in Hong Kong and also touched upon the matter of Jimmy Lai.

The commitment to fostering bilateral cooperation was further highlighted by the UK’s emphasis on not avoiding difficult conversations but instead addressing them directly.

In a tweet shared by the UK Embassy in China, it was emphasized that engaging with China provides an avenue for expressing concerns and opinions in person, allowing for constructive and effective exchanges.

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Wang provided further details about China’s stance on the Taiwan issue, emphasizing that the notion of “Taiwan independence” contradicts the stability of the Taiwan Strait.

He urged the UK to sincerely respect China’s fundamental interests and adhere to the one-China policy.

British government’s position on the Taiwan question has remained consistent. Moreover, Cleverly affirmed the UK’s commitment to the one-China policy while expressing the dedication to enhancing communication, understanding, and collaboration with China.