Crimean, 20 January 2022 (TDI): The Prime Minister of Crimea Sergei Aksionov, affirmed to seek to develop a trade partnership with Syria. Mainly to implement a special program to develop a bilateral partnership. 

Important Details of the Syrian-Crimean Meeting

During the latter meeting, Aksionov declared that the Crimean companies are ready to establish and develop relations with the Syrian party.

He also mentioned that Crimea is willing to walk hand in hand through developing a commercial partnership with Syria. Especially on a new shipping company. 

In addition, the Crimean Prime Minister expressed his gratitude towards the Syrian efforts to facilitate this collaborative operation. 

Consequently, the Syrian head of the economic delegation Mohammad Samer Al Khalil foregrounded the purpose of this visit on more futuristic cooperative plans. Likewise to identify the lurking problems and overcome them. 

Press Conference Remarks 

During the press conference, Crimea and Syria representatives discussed the possibility of repairing and building ships in the Russian region’s institutions. That is why, in terms of cooperation in the field of agriculture, the organization of the transportation of goods and products from Crimea to Syria, is determined.

Crimea seeks for Syrian cooperation in a futuristic and commercial approach
Crimea seeks Syrian cooperation in a futuristic and commercial approach.

Besides that, Muhammad Samer Al-Khalil and Sergei Aksionov agreed on the organization of the system of mutual settlements. Including issues of opening correspondent accounts between Russian companies and the Commercial Bank of Syria.

In turn, Minister Al-Khalil told reporters that “Syria seeks to buy 1.5 million tons of wheat annually.” He pointed out Russia’s instrumental role in supplying Syria with wheat.

Mainly considering the armed conflict in Syria which caused a decrease in its annual wheat production from 2 million to 400,000 tons. Along these lines, Al-Khalil explained to the Crimean News Agency that Syria is globally famous for the production and manufacture of textiles and food products. 

For this reason, “the meeting concluded with an agreement with officials in Crimea that Syria would provide a complete list of goods and products that it manufactures,” he pointed out. Those are ready to export, regarding the number of pieces and their approximate prices.