New York, 20 January 2022 (TDI): On 19 January, Pakistan as a Chair of Group of G-77 and China for the current year, made a call to address the problems faced by the countries in the Group.

The call was made in the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Ambassador Munir Akram, Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations and also the Chairman of the Group of 77 for this year addressed the Assembly.

Ambassador Munir Akram’s Address

Initially, during the address, Munir Akram highlighted how the world is facing various issues. Talking about Climate Change he pointed out that the temperature on the ground is high in most parts of the world. After shedding light on problems, he stressed that United Nations (UN) must play a role in eliminating the issues.

He said that the UN must not only promote peace but also should work for the reconstruction of peace across the globe. Additionally, it was stated that these actions must be taken in accordance with the United Nations Charter and international law.

Triple nature of the Crisis

Talking about the challenges of countries in the Group of 77, Munir Akram said that three major problems exist. The first is the Covid-19 pandemic. The economic stagnation that the pandemic has caused is immensely problematic.

As a consequence, about 150 million people have been pushed into destitution. Secondly, he mentioned the hindrances that exist in accomplishing the Sustainable Development Goals. Thirdly, climate change. He went on to add that this is an existential threat.

Furthermore, Munir Akram stated that the common thing among these problems is the inequality that the countries face. Inequality in terms of impact, capacities, and outcomes. Stating some facts, the Chairman of the Group of G-77 said that over forty countries are facing debt distress.

Over twenty countries have become food insecure. Millions of people in war-torn countries are starving. Finally, he asked the world in general for assistance and the member countries for collaborative response and efforts in particular.