Washington D.C., 17 January 2022 (TDI): On Friday, Jordan Foreign Minister sat down for an interview with CNN Chief Correspondent Jim Sciutto. He, during his interview, focused on Jordan-U.S. strategic partnership and the country’s effort to address regional issues.

Introductory Interview

Along these lines, Jim Sciutto started the interview by thanking Ayman Safadi for his presence at the CNN headquarters. Then, he immediately asked about Jordan Minister’s previous statement regarding the Kingdom’s relationship with the US.

This one in the words of Ayman Safadi states the following: “We, in Jordan cannot rely solely on the US to do things for us”. To what CNN interviewer, Jim Sciutto asked: Is the US today a less powerful less reliable ally for Jordan?

Following that, Jordan Foreign Minister answered that the US is a true partner and friend of Jordan. He also pointed out the US support to mitigate regional challenges in the country. In addition, Ayman Safadi mentions that the Jordan-US partnerships are vast and diverse. It means that their cooperation aims to address economic to defense topics.

Nevertheless, Minister Safadi stated that the Kingdom has the responsibility to face its challenges on its own. This is because it is part of their commitment to the region and their values.

On the other hand, Chief Correspondent Jim Sciutto asked Jordan about the US turn to China instead of the Middle East. To what Ayman Safadi answered that there is no concern because the US has always played a leading role in the country.

However, he highlighted that it is fundamental for Jordan to receive support from the US. Especially to work alongside the Syrian refugees, the Palestinian issue, and the terrorism. In that way, he mentioned the previous meeting he joined with US Secretary Blinken.

Palestinian issue

In this regard, CNN interviewer Sciutto asked Jordan Minister about the two-state solution for Palestine and Israel. Jim asked why Jordan is still pursuing that statement despite the fewer probabilities to become true. In this line, Ayman Safadi answered,

“We simply do not see any other alternative to the two-state solution to get us to be just in lasting peace”

“It is a necessity for regional and international security,” Foreign Minister added. In addition to that, Ayman Sadafi addressed the illegal settlements in the West Bank. He said that it is a violation of International Law as well as an impediment to achieving peace.

Furthermore, Jordan Foreign Minister mentioned that the Kingdom has bilateral relations with Israel. He also said that Jordan already had frank conversations with the new Israeli government and starting meaningful negotiations is the priority.

Iraq refugees

Similarly, Jim Sciutto brought out the topic about Iraq and the refugees in Jordan to the Afghanistan situation. In this matter, Jordan Foreign Minister emphasized that both countries’ problems are different. Therefore, one unique solution cannot be applied.

For this reason, Ayman Safadi answered that Iraq is working to rebuild its institutions and enforce its governance. So that, Jordan continues supporting the Iraq government to address national security and improve its people living conditions.

Syria: post-conflict situation 

Besides that, regarding Syrian post-conflict challenges, Foreign Minister answered that Jordan backs Syrian. Mainly to specific national political processes that will result in ending any crisis. That is how there are over 1.3 million Syrian refugees in Jordan.

Along these lines, Foreign Minister pointed out the various issues related to the Syrian situation. For example, the threat of drugs coming through the Syrian-Jordan shared border. That is why in coordination with the US, Jordan seeks to find a path to a political solution having Syrian people as the prime concern.

Finally, Jordan Foreign Minister highlighted that there is less global attention to some issues in the MENA region. He concluded by stating that Jordan is thankful for the US financial support of the solution of the regional issues. Moreover, he said,

“We are strong partners with the US, we do appreciate its leading role in the region and we will make sure the US continues leading alongside Jordan.”





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