Ottawa, 17 January 2022 (TDI): Canada a country in North America, provides a beautiful historical, culturally rich and traditional environment to people around the world. It is considered the most friendly and nicest nation in the world. Canada’s beautiful attractions include landscapes and National Park.

Canadians treat foreigners and travellers from around the world with so much respect and create an environment of wholesomeness that’s hard to miss. During these two stressful and traumatic years of the pandemic, people need to relax now. The best destination to visit right now is to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and wilderness in Canada.

Second Largest Country

Canada is the second-largest country in the world by area and also in the wilderness. Canada is the largest country in North America, embracing two-fifth of the continent. It covers an area of 9.8 million kilometres square. The country holds a population of thirty-eight million people. Most of the people reside in the southern part of the country. According to a survey out of these 38 million people almost 66 per cent of the population is considered to be the nicest and the politest people on earth.

Map and Flag of Canada
Canada flag and map

Canada to its north is bordered by the Arctic Ocean, also bordering Greenland towards the northeastern part. To its east Canada shares its land with the Atlantic Ocean, and on its west, it borders the Pacific Ocean. It shares a border with twelve states of the United States of America (USA) on the south while bordering the US States of Alaska on the western end.

Canada constitutes three territories and ten provinces. Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa are considered to be the most vibrant and lively cities in the country. Canada is known to be the most wealthy, healthy and happy nation in the world. Canada has a remarkable economy. The public of this nation is living happily without any complaint towards its government. The country is also known to have the lowest crime rate in the world.

Attractions of the Country

Canada has beautiful landscapes, natural charms, wildlife animals and mesmerizing waterfalls. Canada has the most beautiful and magical waterfalls.

Niagra Waterfalls

When talking about Canada the first thing that comes into people’s minds is the beautiful Niagra Falls. It’s such an exciting view for the eye that no one can ignore that easily. Millions of people from around the world visit Canada every year to view this beautiful waterfall.

Besides the Niagra Falls is an hours drive from the Capital of Ontario Province. There is a carnival right beside the waterfall that adds to the tourist’s attention. The carnival includes entertainment like, movieland wax, Hornblower Boat Tours, Museums, and amusement parks.

Niagra Falls
Niagra Sky Wheel next to the Niagra Falls

Moreover, the falls not only provide a beautiful view but also more entertainment and fun by offering a cruise trip. The cruise takes the visitors right to the base of the fall thus tripling the experience of viewing this magical waterfall.

Right next to the world’s magical spectacles, lie affordable hotels within a walking distance. Such accommodations are available to provide tourists with the best experience, allowing them to wake up to such a beautiful sight.

Niagra Falls is a place for all if you are looking for luxury lodgings, those are also available near this attraction. There are a lot of options available for tourists even the ones who plan a visit last minute.

Banff National Park

Banff resort town is within the Banff National Park. This National Park is regarded as one of the most beautiful places in Canada. The thing that adds beauty to this park is its admirable Lake Louise. Boating a Gondola up to the beautiful Sulphur mountains provide an incredible view. That is not only pleasing to the eye but heartwarming as well.

National Park
Lake Louise

In the Parks’ embrace lie beautiful waterfalls, glaciers and forests. At a 20 minute drive from the park, there is the ‘Mount Royal Hotel’. The hotel has a Banff themed Library, with a lobby museum, and rooftop hot tubs.

Jasper National Park

If you want to live life on the edge, a little to the wilder side then the best place to visit within Canada would be the Jaspar National Park. This Park is Canada Rookies biggest national park. It has snow-covered mountains. This park consists of magnificent lakes and aweing waterfalls.

However, the unique thing about this park is the large population of wild animals. Canada is famous for its preserving of wildlife animals. These animals include moose, grizzlies, caribou and wolves.

Furthermore, the park is famous for the Columbia Ice-field Skywalk. It is a glass-floored, nine hundred and eighteen foot high, one-kilo meter-long skywalk. This high Skywalk provides a mesmerizing view of the dramatic scenery.

National Park
Jaspar National Park (Columbia Icefield Skywalk)

Close to the park is a Glacier View Lodge, this lodge provides a beautiful view of the park. The lodge has a great rating and the staff is really helpful and welcoming. Thus, making the tourists feel at home. The lodge provides entertainment of its own along with the beautiful view of the icefields, it provides gourmet dinners and musical nights for its guests. Moreover, the lodge arranges trips to the beautiful Athabasca Glaciers for its guests.

National Park
Athabasca Glacier

In Canada lies a magical fairytale-like place called Victoria. Victoria is the Capital of the British Columbia province of Canada. The city constitutes of Butchart gardens. Moreover, the garden is famous for its attractive blooming flowers.

National Park
Butchart Gardens Victoria

Moreover, the city holds British Columbia’s museums, parks, and gardens.


If some tourists just want to have fun, enjoying the snowy mountains of Canada. Then in Winters, the best place to visit would be Whistler. The big, high, beautiful snow-covered mountains. Whistler provides the opportunity to travellers and locals to ski down the snowy mountains. Moreover, there are zip lines to get the best experience of a magical winter wonderland, with the view of snow-covered trees on the side. There are many places to stay, eat and rest around the location.

National Park
Whistler in Winter
Other Attractions

Other beautiful attraction of the country includes various gardens, lakes, glaciers and rainforests. The country is rich in scenery, wildlife and amazing waterfalls. Some of the famous attractions include Abraham Lake, Vancouver Seawell, Glacier National Park, Fundy National Park and the Great Bear Rainforest. This rain forest shows the live-action of wild bears catching salmon in the waters. This rainforest consists of rare white spirit bears.

Moreover, Manitoba is also known as the capital of Polar Bears. The amazing scenery involves dozens of polar bears on the ice. In Tundra, the tourist companies take you up close to see the polar bears have a real daredevil experience.

How to get to Canada?

After reading and viewing the eye-appealing beautiful country of Canada, let’s discuss the ways to get there. While keeping the newly emerging covid variants in mind.

To enter Canada, you need a visa. If you’re travelling then you will need a visit visa. Nowadays due to everything being available online, it is easy to just go on the government’s website and submit all the documents online required to get a visit visa. After submitting all the documents the Immigration of Canada takes at least 12 days to process your decision.

Make sure your documents and claim are authentic and complete to get a positive decision for your visit visa.

Covid Rules and Restrictions

Due to the new emerging covid variant, the cases are rising once again around the world and for that, the government has placed rules for the fully vaccinated and un-vaccinated travellers.

After getting a valid visit visa on your passport you are allowed to enter the country but before you do you need to make sure you are fully vaccinated. The government of Canada is accepting travellers who have one dose of the ‘Jackson and Jackson’ covid vaccine. Moreover, the travellers who have been injected with other covid vaccines need a double dose for that.

Moreover, people travelling to Canada need to make sure they don’t have any symptoms of covid.


The Government of Canada has developed an application called ‘ArriveCAN’. The government made a rule that everyone visiting Canada needs to update their Vaccination status on the application status. The application requires information about the vaccine that needs to be answered by the traveller.

arrivecan logo

Everyone visiting Canada needs to update their information on the application. The traveller needs to update information. If not, the travellers might be denied entry to Canada. Moreover, they will be answerable to a lot of health-related questions.

However, after entering the information in the application the application gives a receipt to confirm information. The receipt may be reviewed by immigration control on landing.

Moreover, the travellers need to conduct a covid test 48 hours before their travel. On landing, the traveller needs to conduct a covid test before going out. If the traveller has covid symptoms they need to self isolate themself.

The traveller needs to make arrangements before entering Canada. Just in case they get covid on arrival. These are just a few steps that everyone needs to follow to keep the people around you and the world safe.

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