New York, 17 January 2022 (TDI): A tweet was posted by the United Nations Development Program regarding sustainable proposals to fight the issues of growing corruption around the world.

Anga Timilsina, the global program advisor for anti-corruption within the international organization expressed the need to counter corruption, especially during the pandemic.

Specifically citing the shocking information released through the recent Pandora Papers released in 2021, with a shocking 5.6 trillion to 32 trillion US dollars held offshore. The solution to this problem is pertinent as this figure results in governments losing an estimated 500-600 US dollars worth of revenue. All of which may help in battling global poverty. Which would provide opportunities to 169 million people to pull themselves out of poverty through SDG (Sustainable development goals) initiatives.

SDG goal 16 countered with technology
An image of the SDG goals of 2030, SDG 16 specifically deals with corruption
Technology promises many benefits 

UNDP believes the solution to increasing corruption lies within the folds of digital transformation. A study called ‘New Technologies for Sustainable Development: Perspectives on integrity, trust and anti-corruption by the UNDP investigates blockchain technology, big data and the role of artificial intelligence (AI) which can aid to put a stop to corruption around the world.

These factors help in tracking and recording the data for development. For instance, AI is being used for tax and financial sectors to highlight money laundering. Whereas, big data has assisted in tracking corruption by journalists and made the Pandora papers possible. Lastly, blockchain technology provides an opportunity for increased transparency within land registries.

Furthermore, during the turbulent time of COVID19, smartphone apps and digital tools have assisted ineffective governance implementation policies. They have also assisted health care officers to track the vaccine supply situation around the world.  Similarly, the Co-WIN platform in India had assisted in increasing the level of transparency and the efficiency of urgent health responses.

How the UNDP will use technology to fight corruption

According to the UNDP’s new strategic plan for 2022-25, the organization seeks to use digitalization to increase transparency within nation-states. This will be done through the Anti-Corruption for Peaceful and Inclusive Societies (ACIPS) Global Program.

Predicted and aimed to start in countries such as Nepal and Bangladesh, primarily within Asia-Pacific and African continents. The institutionalization of digital grievance will take place. Within countries such as Uganda and Sri Lanka, the UNDP is already using digital monitoring to better manage the resources. Also to resolve the issue of crimes against the environment.

Similarly, Tanzania and Nigeria are using technology to provide a platform for the processes of public procurement. Whereas, in Liberia, data monitoring is taking place for SDG-16 which resolves around anti-corruption aims.

To truly eliminate the world from corruption, UNDP seeks to further work and collaborate with governments regarding this issue.