Geneva, 8 November 2022 (TDI): The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdullatif bin Rashid presented Bahrain’s fourth human rights report for discussion within the Universal Periodic Review(UPR) before UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The three country representatives who served as rapporteurs for the review of Bahrain were Gabon, India, and the Czech Republic.

During the meeting, Abdullatif said that the government of Bahrain is committed to respecting human rights and freedom, supporting the democratic process, and promoting comprehensive and sustainable development.

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The Foreign Minister highlighted the achievements of the government towards the promotion, protection, and respect of human rights while fulfilling all the recommendations it accepted in the third periodic report.

He further mentioned that one of the gains of this high-end meeting is to announce the establishment of the King Hamad International Prize for Dialogue and Peaceful Coexistence.

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This initiative reflects the keenness of Bahrain to follow the principles of tolerance, peaceful coexistence, and mutual respect among all through innovative initiatives, at a time when the world is facing difficult challenges.

While talking about the achievements of Bahrain in combating COVID-19, he said “Bahrain developed an open budget that does not take into account costs conducting tests and vaccinations free of charge for all citizens and residents alike.”

He further enunciated that Bahrain has maintained tier 1 ranking for the fifth consecutive year in the US State Department’s Trafficking in the Person report in 2022 throughout the Middle East.

The government is doing efforts in promoting criminal justice and law enforcement under modern and advanced legislation along with unprecedented mechanisms in the Middle East region, he added.

He discussed the adoption of the National Human Rights Plan (2022-2026) in April to promote Civil and Political Rights, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights as well as the Rights of the Most Vulnerable Groups.

The Foreign Minister concluded by assuring Bahrain’s aim to conduct an effective and constructive dialogue to consolidate a State of justice, law, equality, and dignity. He also thanked the countries that submitted questions and observations.