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Annual Meeting of Investment Association Held in Washington


Washington, 11 November 2021, (TDI): Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Dr. Asad Majeed Khan, attended the closing session of the 20-20 Investment Association’s annual meeting. The session took place yesterday in Washington DC.

Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador Khan talked about the substantial investment opportunities in Pakistan. He demonstrated how Pakistan’s unique geo-strategic position serves as a promising base for trade and business at both inter and intra-regional levels.

This is so because the country lies at the three important Asian crossroads, namely the South, West, and Central Asian regions. He further added that Pakistan’s untouched resources and potential labor are a bonus for foreign investors.

Dr. Asad Majeed Khan highlighted Pakistan’s motivation for advancing global businesses and bringing economic reforms by calling it a regional hub for business.

He noted that the government of Pakistan supports the projects which lead to geo-economic growth and bring foreign investments to the country. The state provides credible incentives and ample policies in the economic sector to enhance both local and international trade.

It was reiterated in the meeting that Pakistan has a vision of strengthening its economic relations with Washington. The participants aspired for bilateral collaboration between both states that is robust and further enhances their strategic partnership.

While in Washington, Ambassador Asad Majeed Khan also highlighted the distinct strategic areas of investment in Pakistan, such as the agricultural sector, the automotive industry, and the technology sector.

Moreover, the Ambassador raised concerns over the ongoing situation in Afghanistan. He discussed the human security conditions in Kabul and how they would impact the Southeast Asian Region.


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