Islamabad, 11 January 2022 (TDI): Today the United States of America’s (USA) Embassy in Pakistan celebrated ‘Human Trafficking Awareness Day.’ Every year a day relating to Human Trafficking awareness is celebrated around the world to protect people from falling into the wrong hands.

The US embassy adopted a theme, to raise awareness about such a serious issue. The theme involved wearing Blue colour to raise awareness. The ‘Blue’ colour is used internationally to provide support to the victims of Human Trafficking and provide knowledge to all the other vulnerable people around the world.

The vulnerable population of the world includes people who are unaware of such evils of the world. These vulnerable people include children and even adults who are not up to date with the recent news and events happening around the world.

However, due to little knowledge, many people are unaware of what does Human Trafficking mean and how one falls prey to it is difficult to understand. Providing information about this is important to enable people to protect themselves from such evils.

How to Raise Awareness?

The US embassy provided a report in which there are ways to educate children about Human Trafficking. Moreover, the report educates the health care workers as well on how to treat the victims of Human Trafficking.

The first part of the report explains, how the USA is fighting the social evil of Human Trafficking. In this part, the report provides a website that educates on the indicators of Human Trafficking. The report also mentioned the helpline available for the victims of Human Trafficking.

This part discusses the responsibility of being a consumer to a company or organization. It discusses the importance of gathering information before buying any products. It is important to know who is making what you are buying. The report mentioned websites that may help in recognizing companies that use child labourers (Victims of Human Trafficking). It is important to cut the source from its roots rather than keep watering it.

Furthermore, in the second part, the report encouraged people to volunteer for anti-trafficking efforts. These are the little steps that we can take in the right direction to put an end to Human Trafficking. Moreover, the USA encouraged schools and universities to add information about raising awareness about Human Trafficking in their curriculum.

The third part gives suggestions for health care workers to deal with the victims of human trafficking. It provided a website that helps in identifying the indicators of Human Trafficking. Furthermore, it discusses how to provide better assistance to the victims. It also recommended the workers reach out to anti-trafficking organizations for help or support.

Lastly, the report highlighted the role of journalists, Attorneys and Youth in raising their voice against Human Trafficking to put an end to this evil trend.