Lahore, 31 December 2021 (TDI): Yesterday, in Lahore the Canadian Trade Commissioner, Zohaib Khan met the Canadian representatives of various sectors. The meeting was arranged to increase the bilateral trade relations between Canada and Pakistan.

Zohaib Khan met with the representatives of the energy sector and poultry sector. The High Commissioner of Canada to Pakistan expressed gratitude over how even during the Pandemic, Pakistan, and Canada generated trade for over 1 Billion Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Both the countries are collaborating to improve their trade relations and to further strengthen their ties. The Pakistani High Commissioner in Canada while talking to the Pakistani Community in Canada shared that the exports between the two states have increased by 32 percent this year.

Both the countries enjoyed a good sum of revenues through this bilateral trade. As the year 2021 comes to an end both countries still aspire to further increase trade between the two in sectors.

Pakistan and Canada Relations

Both Pakistan and Canada have shared good relations and strong partnerships for a very long time. They have both been collaborating in various areas whether it be political, economic, or social.

The High Commission of Canada during the ’16 days of Activism over Gender-Based Violence’ arranged various seminars and conferences to empower women and the transgender community in Pakistan.

Moreover, in collaboration with Oxfam, the Canadian High Commissioner in Pakistan arranged a seminar to educate women on helplines that can help them provide immediate protection against domestic violence. The arrangement of such seminars and workshops helps empower women and this helps Pakistan in becoming a stronger community as a whole.

Furthermore, the Pakistani Community in Canada is making efforts to give back to the community as well. They are devoted to conquering the social evils and improving people-to-people interaction as well. Such commitment and devotion among the state communities is the real essence that strengthens the partnership of states.