Aden, 15 December 2021 (TDI): In an authentical winning, Yemen won the West Asian Championship 2021. In the final match that faced Saudi Arabi against Yemen, this last one ended up winning for the first time in history. 

Yemen’s youth soccer team became champions after beating Syria 1-0 in semis and Saudi Arabia 4-3 on penalties in finals. After their victory, the Yemeni population took the streets and celebrated in both liberated and non-liberated areas.

Massive Celebrations 

From Sana’a to Aden, the Yemeni population continued to celebrate the victory of the soccer team on the streets. Population In many Yemeni provinces lit up the sky with fireworks. Additionally, Yemenis across the country shared their joy on social media by filling Yemen’s news with hope.

Besides that, as the European Union delegation to Yemen said, the junior football team opened a possibility for unity in the country. Their effort to reach finals with Saudi Arabia, a highly competitive team, impressed the local community. It brought all together in one voice to march and chant. 

Furthermore, the Office of the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen congratulated the team on their excellent performance and their spirit of resilience. To this message was added, the Chinese embassy in Yemen that welcomed Yemen’s victory with joy. After expressing its best wishes to the Yemeni team in upcoming matches.

West Asian Championship and its importance 

The West Asian Football Federation Championship or WAFF Championship is an international association football contest. It is governed under the Asian Football Confederation, and it was created by Jordan’s Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein. 

Its importance lies in its mission to create a space of development for Federation members and team players through football. In addition, as it is a West Asian event, Arab States have more chances to be selected as host countries. 

For this reason, during the Yemeni U-15 soccer team award ceremony, the president of the Bahrain Federation and the Yemeni ambassador to Saudi Arabia participated to do the honors.

Additional recognitions

On the other hand, the Prime Minister of Yemen congratulated the youth soccer team for winning in the eighth edition of the West Asian Championship. In addition, he highlighted the technical work of national coach Qais Mohamed Saleh to achieve such important and honorable results.

Therefore, Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik recognized the Yemeni soccer team and its administrative and technical staff with 300 million riyals. He, representing the Yemeni government, pointed out his support for the team for the upcoming brilliant hits. 

In addition, Maeen Abdulmalik expressed his gratitude to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its neat organization of the event. He also emphasized the Kingdom’s success in hosting tournaments. In the same line, he expressed Yemen’s support in future editions. 

In addition, as a presidential decision of the Shura Council, soccer players and staff will receive 2 million riyals per person. On the occasion of their victory, the Yemeni government also promised to provide the youth soccer team with all the necessary facilities.

Finally, the Saudi Federation also honored the final match referees, the match coordinator, and the referee advisers for their transparent work. In addition, they awarded the best scorer of the match, Yemeni Muhammad Al-Barwani. Also, the best goalkeeper and the best player of the tournament, Saudis team players, Mahmoud Al-Braih, and Farha Al-Shamrani, respectively.