Beijing, 6 April 2023(TDI): On Thursday, Chinese President Xi Jinping held trilateral talks with French President Emmanuel Macron and European Commission’s President Ursula von der Leyen to promote political trust and strengthen dialogue.

In a trilateral meeting held at the Great Hall of the People, President Xi Jinping of China, French President Emmanuel Macron, and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen discussed the longstanding partnership between China and the European Union (EU).

President Xi emphasized the importance of cooperation and mutual respect between China and the EU, stressing that the two sides share extensive common interests that should be prioritized over any competition or differences.

President Xi highlighted the 20th anniversary of establishing the China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership and expressed his willingness to work with the EU to promote common development and prosperity, address global challenges, and inject fresh impetus into China-EU relations and global peace, stability, and prosperity.

He also stressed the importance of enhancing the stability of China-EU ties and ensuring that the relationship does not target any third party. Moreover, he stressed that EU-China ties are never aimed at any third party, not it is dictated by any third party; instead, their strategic partnership aims to work on international peace and stability.

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Respecting each other’s development path, China-EU should continue working through dialogue and consultation to build consensus and overcome differences.

Furthermore, he went on to stress that playing the so-called “democracy and the authoritarian” game would only result in division and confrontation between Europe and China. Therefore, he hoped that European Union would develop an objective approach toward China’s policies.

Besides, both sides also discussed building stable supply chains for the Belt and Road Initiative and the Global Gateway strategy for the sustained development of China-EU ties.

Since China believes in multilateralism and true global governance, President Xi Jinping emphasized the vision that involves extensive consultation, joint contribution, and shared benefit.

Above all, China is willing to work with the European Union (EU) to strengthen cooperation and coordination in multilateral affairs while supporting the international system centered on the United Nations (UN), the international order supported by international law, and the basic norms of international relations based on the UN Charter.

Thus, the cooperation between China and the EU is crucial in maintaining global stability and prosperity and fighting against hegemony, unilateralism, and any attempts to decouple economies or disrupt supply chains.