Beijing, 24 March 2023 (TDI): The Director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, Wang Yi, told the Diplomatic Counsellor of French President, Emmanuel Bonne that China and Europe need to have a consensus to resolve Ukraine crises.

On Thursday, Wang Yi held a phone talk with Emmanuel Bonne. Both sides exchanged their views on promoting their comprehensive strategic partnership and conducting high-level exchanges.

Upon request of Bonne, Wang briefed on the recent visit of China’s President Jinping to Russia. He said, “it was an important visit between the two big neighbors, and was a trip not only of cooperation but also one of peace.”

As China continues promoting peace talks on the Russia-Ukraine crisis, Wang said, “the statement released by both leaders contained significant clarifications regarding the matter, conveyed a message of peaceful intent to the global community, and showcased a willingness to engage in discussions.”

In addition, he stated that it is an aspiration of many countries to settle the Russia-Ukraine issue peacefully.

Having that said, he expressed hope that France as well as European countries should also come along to play their constructive role in this regard.

Moreover, he added that strategic consensus between Europe and China would not only aid in the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis but also in the resolution of many other long-standing international issues.

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Bonne, on his part, conveyed his appreciation for China’s constructive efforts toward facilitating peace negotiations.

He stressed that France does not endorse divisive stances in the Russia-Ukraine crises, and instead advocates for a political resolution through dialogue.

Bonne expressed that both countries share the common objective of achieving a peaceful and diplomatic end to the crisis, and reaffirmed France’s willingness to collaborate with China towards achieving a ceasefire and finding a peaceful resolution.