Médio Juruá, 11 August 2022 (TDI): USAID initiated a project “Partnership for the Conservation of Amazon Biodiversity”. The project ensured the preservation of the biodiversity of the Amazon region. The program trained locals in producing bio cosmetics.

Multiple workshops were established in the region for training purposes. The program successfully trained the women of the region in making eco-friendly soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and scented candles.

Production Techniques

The project trained the local women in developing sustainable products for daily use. Women of Riverine learned production techniques including methods to develop natural cosmetics.

USAID initiated this program to build sustainable products in the region. The program focused to reduce the amount of waste production caused by artificial products.

It helped regional communities to develop a sustainable lifestyle. The program improved regional employment rates and quality of production as well.

The workshops ensured better coordination, and the use of locally rich and naturally available materials in the region. Regional resources were preferred, to make the process simplified and easy.

The workshops distributed tutorials and booklets among the women. The program successfully trained 50 women in the region which resulted in the formation of a trained employee team in the region.

The project empowered women of the Riverine and enhanced their working capabilities. The project was focused to enhance the local production techniques. The program opened new work opportunities for the people living in the region.

Additionally, USAID has provided Amazon with space for financial independence. The program created a basis in Amazon for the adoption of eco-friendly lifestyles.

Preservation of Amazon

The program produced natural-based items of daily use. Amazon contributed to protecting the ecosystem for many years.

Furthermore, USAID promised to conduct advanced workshops in the region, apart from regions facing isolation and travel costs.

However, the rising global warming of the world requires more efficient global and regional initiatives. The challenge of sustaining such a project in such a region is a cause of concern.

The program enabled locals of the region especially women to contribute to the sustainability initiatives.

Recently, USAID has funded nearly 18.2 million dollars in the project “Together for Conservation”. The program covered the areas of Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, and Guyana.

The USAID conducted multiple programs in Amazon for its betterment. USAID started Amazon Regional Environment Program to promote eco-friendly growth. The USAID provided strong support to Amazon for the preservation of its biodiversity.