Albuquerque, 11 August 2022 (TDI): The Embassy of Pakistan in the United States (US) commended the measures taken by the government in New Mexico for arresting the suspected killers.

The Ambassador of Pakistan to the US, Masood Khan thanked New Mexico’s Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham for the measures taken to apprehend the alleged killers.

Remarks by Masood Khan

The Ambassador of Pakistan to the US, Masood Khan condemned the killings in Albuquerque city. Furthermore, he had called for immediate action to be taken to arrest the suspects related to these killings.

Additionally, on the orders of Ambassador Masood Khan, the Consul General of Pakistan in Houston, Abrar Hashmi visited Albuquerque city. The Consul General met with the Governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham, and the Mayor of Albuquerque city, Timm Keller.

The Consul General highlighted the importance of New Mexico’s governance in bringing justice to the victims. Moreover, he also thanked them for the measures already being taken by the government to arrest the people involved in these murders.

He also met with the families of the deceased and conveyed condolences on behalf of Pakistan’s leadership. Ambassador Masood Khan himself wrote a letter to the governor of New Mexico.

He thanked her for her resolve in pursuit of justice for the victims and their families as well as her solidarity with the Muslim community. He also urged Albuquerque Police to apprehend the killer(s) as soon as possible.

The Pakistani Envoy also spoke to the families of Muhammad Afzaal Hussain and Naeem Hussein and assured them of full support.

According to him, he attaches the highest importance to the safety and security of the Pakistani Community in the US. Furthermore, he said that he will do his utmost to assist New Mexico’s governance in bringing justice to the victims.

Killing in Albuquerque city

3 Muslim men were killed in New Mexico during the last weeks. The victims all attended the Islamic Center of New Mexico, Albuquerque’s largest mosque.

Moreover, they were all shot near Central Avenue in southeastern Albuquerque. However, another killing that happened in 2021 is also linked to the recent event.

The first one to die was Mohammad Ahmadi, 62, a native of Afghanistan who was killed on November 7, 2021. Other victims include Aftab Hussein and Muhammad Afzal Khan murdered on July 26 and August 1, respectively.

The last victim of these killings is Nayeem Hussain killed hours after attending the burial of the previously killed men. Many people around the world condemned these consecutive killings of Muslims.

Since the start, many people have linked it with Islamophobic agenda suspecting that someone against Islam might have done so. However, the recent updates regarding the event propose something new.

Latest updates

Muhammed Syed has been recently taken into custody as a suspect. Officials have announced his possible link with the homicide of Aftab Hussein and Muhammed Afzaal Hussain.

It was announced that the gun of the bullet casings found at the murder scene of the two men, was found at Syed’s house.

The Governor of New Mexico also expressed relief at the arrest of the primary suspect involved in the killings. Furthermore, she praised the law enforcement agencies for their hard work.

Additionally, the police announced that although the investigation is still underway. However, they suspect interpersonal conflicts and internal divisions between the Muslim community being the cause that lead to the killings.