Islamabad, 4 October 2022 (TDI): The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif expressed gratitude on behalf of the nation to Turkiye for their support during the floods. The Prime Minister said that Turkiye’s support amid the challenging times helped Pakistan a lot.

The statement came during his meeting with the Turkish delegation. The delegation consisted of Turkish Red Crescent Goodwill Ambassador, Ismail Hakki Turunc and Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan, Mehmet Pacaci.

The delegation called on the Prime Minister in Islamabad on Tuesday. During their meeting, both sides exchanged views on opportunities to strengthen relations between Pakistan and Turkiye.

Discussion on Humanitarian Aid

The Prime Minister took the opportunity to thank President Erdogan and the Turkish people for sending humanitarian aid to Pakistan. He said that the goodwill trains loaded with basic necessities have helped the flood victims overcome many of their challenges.

Moreover, he also highlighted the 50 boats sent by Turkiye for rescue and relief operations had helped relocate hundreds of people stranded in inundated areas of Sindh and Balochistan.

Turkiye is one of the many countries that sent humanitarian aid to Pakistan amid the recent floods. Owing to heavy monsoon rains many areas of the country are submerged in water. This has caused great destruction and loss of lives in flood-stricken areas.

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Recently, the 13th goodwill train loaded with food supplies took off from Turkiye for Pakistan.

Correspondingly, the Prime Minister said that Turkiye has supported Pakistan during the earthquake of 2005, the super floods of 2010, and recent floods.

In response, Turkey’s goodwill Ambassador, Ismail expressed his full support for rescue and relief operations across the country. He assured that Turkiye will continue to help Pakistan during these challenging times.

Moreover, he also expressed his condolences over the loss of lives caused due to the floods.

Additionally, the delegation also told the Prime Minister that they would visit flood-affected areas to witness the extent of losses for the provision of need-based relief goods and services.

Subsequently, the  Prime Minister appreciated the gesture and thanked the Turkish Red Crescent for showing its solidarity with the flood victims.