Washington DC, 15 August 2022 (TDI): The United States (US), through USAID, has announced a loan of $150 million for Afghanistan.

The news was shared by the US Special Representative for Afghanistan, Thomas West, on Saturday. 

Crisis in Afghanistan

The US government highlighted the ongoing crisis in the country. USAID ensured the quick recovery of damaged institutions. Also, the US hoped this aid will help combat the economic crisis and redevelop the country.

The US Special Representative, Thomas West confirmed the aid for Afghanistan, yesterday. West also expressed US solidarity with Afghan nationals. He underlined the purpose of this aid.

USAID for Afghanistan

US government ensured Afghanistan their support to combat the economic crisis in the country. Thomas also announced that this aid will address food insecurity in the region and improve the educational sector.

UN Food and Agriculture

Approximately, $80 million were approved by the United Nations Food and Agriculture for the advancement of the food and agricultural sector in the country. Furthermore, the aid will eliminate the difficulties of farmers and local women.


Furthermore, $40 million in aid by UNICEF will protect children and girls in the region to realize their right to education. After the fall of the previous government, Afghanistan faced political instability which ignored civil rights in the country.

UN Women

The Taliban government has violated the rights of women, including their educational rights and civil rights. It adopted strict Shariah Laws in the country, limiting women’s participation in society.

Moreover, the UN Women also announced $30 million in aid for women of Afghanistan, to protect women’s civil rights and increase their social protection.

UN Women’s aid guaranteed the development of women-led organizations in Afghanistan. Moreover, the aid also granted business development and entrepreneurship.

Afghanistan Humanitarian Crisis  

After the US departure from Afghanistan, the region faced a severe humanitarian crisis. The unavailability of food and basic needs made conditions worsen.

However, the US promised to restore the regional economy and political standpoint. USAID ensured the production of food, rights for women, and developmental support for the country.

Besides, the US pledged to the region to restore its lost resources, and provide a continuous commitment to its further development.