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USAID grants aid to Tanzanian Youth Organizations


Dodoma, 1 December 2021 (TDI): The first vice president of Tanzania, Othman Masoud and USAID Tanzania mission director, Kate Somvongsiri, provided a grants worth $1 million to 14 youth organizations in Tanzania. On behalf of the United States government the ceremony was held at the Zanzibar Beach Resort.

In a speech during the ceremony, the mission director, Kate Somvongsiri, reaffirmed the U.S government’s commitment to Tanzania’s economic growth and development. She said, “the U.S government is committed to supporting Tanzania’s youth and both the revolutionary government of Zanzibar and the government of Zanzibar to achieve vision 2020 and vision 2025, which aims to uplift Tanzanian Lives”.

The USAID advancing youth program, which has been carried out in Iringa, Mbeya, and Zanzibar regions, helps youths between the ages of 15 to 35 in the rural areas to engage in agribusiness and other rural value chains and increase their economic opportunities while promoting leadership and healthy lifestyles.

The beneficiaries of the USAID Grants

The 14 youth organizations that were beneficiaries of the grants includes

Cube Zanzibar 

Cube Zanzibar is a private organization that helps start-ups, small businesses, and aspiring Entrepreneurs to scale and grow their start-ups from ideation to thriving.

Aatif Aquaponics limited

This company uses innovative farming techniques to produce healthy organic food and food products. It also creates awareness of the need to adopt better farming practices for Agriculture in Tanzania.

E-MAC Tanzania

This non-governmental organization empowers marginalized people and communities through the promotion, advancement of noble sustainable initiatives and through a partnership with non-governmental organizations with similar visions.

The Pemba Island Relief organization (PIRO)

This organization supplements the efforts of the government in catering to the welfare of the people of Zanzibar. This organization received two separate grants.

Zanzibar National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC)

This association functions as a body for commerce in Zanzibar. Through advocacy and collaboration, ZNCC promotes business growth in Zanzibar and addresses the impediments and challenges to the successful conduct of business in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar Youth Care Organization (ZYCO)

ZYCO focuses on empowering men and women in Zanzibar with the required skill that will make them resilient, informed, and capable of facing challenges they may encounter in all spheres of life.

IMED foundations: Entrepreneurship, management, and development.

Through collaboration with organizations and individuals in the private and public sector, this non-profit organization helps individuals, organizations, and communities to realize their full potentials.

The Launchpad limited

This non-governmental organization is focused on human capital development. It provides training that enables participants to gain 21st-century skills required in the job market and in the Entrepreneurial world. Furthermore, it collaborates with other nongovernmental organizations to support enterprises led by young people.

The University of Iringa, Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) and its Kiota innovation hub.

Through the Kiota innovation hub, the University promotes Entrepreneurship and innovation in Tanzania’s southern highlands. With a membership of over 1000 youths, a hub is a place where ideas are nurtured, minds are transformed, and strong networks are built for community good. The University convenes an annual event called, Start your Startup.

CV people Tanzania

This organization bridges the gap between job seekers and employers. They do this by linking job seekers with available employers. They also share skill sets required by employers. This helps job seekers to prepare themselves better for the future.

Pamoja Youth Initiative (PYI)

This youth-led organization focuses on strengthening and increasing the involvement and active participation of Zanzibar youths in promoting positive social changes in the community. It also ensures that Zanzibar youths contribute positively to societal development.


This is a global brand established in Zanzibar. It uses Technology and Entrepreneurship to positively affect the lives of many in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar Fighting Against Youth Challenges Organization (ZAFAYCO)

This organization focuses on three key areas of societal development. The three areas are; Youth civic engagement, economic empowerment, and health. It works to ensure that youth capable of handling economic, political, and social challenges are raised.

Zanzibar Technology and Business Incubator (ZBTI)

This none governmental organization helps start-ups to accelerate and thrive for the benefit of all in Zanzibar. Also, it nurtures innovation and Entrepreneurship among youths between 15-35 years in Zanzibar.

All of these organization will receive the grant under USAID for better future and development of the Republic of Tanzania.

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