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US Defense Secretary Austin arrives in Bahrain


Manama, 19 December 2023 (TDI): Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin arrives in Bahrain on December 19 to create a new force to protect ships transiting the Red Sea that drones and ballistic missiles have attacked.

The US Secretary of Defense issued a written statement that said, “Bahrain is a critical defense partner to the US and hosts USNAVCENT & US service members and forces from around the world. Additionally, he said, “I look forward to exchanging views on promoting regional stability and freedom of navigation through cooperation and integration.”­

Moreover, according to the US Central Command website, the US Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT) established a working group for an operational system with the Kingdom of Bahrain in February 2023.

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The US Central Command reported two or more attacks on commercial vessels on Monday. A strike-by-attack drone and ballistic missile hit a tanker in Yemen (AP). Defense Secretary Austin said in a statement after midnight in Bahrain, “This is an international challenge that demands collective action.” he said.

Furthermore, he added, “I am announcing the establishment of Operation Prosperity Guardian, an important new multinational security initiative.”

In 2022, Bahrain committed to partner with regional countries and the US to build a multinational fleet of 100 surface vessels. NAVCENT announced that participating nations are nearing the halfway point toward their goals.

NAVCENT’s operating areas include 21 countries, the Arabian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman, the Red Sea, and parts of the Indian Ocean. It also constitutes three critical choke points; the Strait of Hormuz, Bab al-Mandeb, and Suez Canal.

Secretary Lloyd Austin said, “Countries that seek to uphold the principle of freedom of navigation must come together to tackle the challenge posed by this non-state actor.”

Consequently, on Saturday, a US destroyer shot down 14 drones in the Red Sea launched from rebel-controlled areas of Yemen.

Hamail Tahir
Hamail Tahir
A student of MPhil in Strategic Studies at National Defence University Islamabad (NDU). She is eager to understand the global changing dynamics and how states use their national interests to acquire regional hegemony. Her focus primarily lies in diplomatic and strategic initiatives during peace and conflict paradigms and can be reached at hamail.tahir@gmail.com

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