Rabat, 2 December 2022 (TDI): Belarus’ intangible cultural heritage has been recognized by the United Nations Education, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Rabat, Morocco when the committee met to decide on the new inscriptions.

Committee Meeting 

The Intangible Cultural Heritage Committee met in Rabat starting on the 28 of November and is expected to end on the 3 of December 2022. At the meeting, they examined 56 nominations for this year’s inscription on the intangible heritage list.

As part of the Nominations, Belarus’ cultural heritage was recognized among the many presented heritages. The straw weaving, art, craft, and skills of the country gave it the chance to top the heritage list.

Belarus has been a home of cultural heritage due to the craft industry. They have constantly projected the name of the country high from the numerous works they do.

The Belarusian craft of straw weaving is said to be a complex knowledge and artistic technique for the processing of straw all over the world. The works of straw weaving as part of the culture of Belarusian has great spiritual and symbolic values attached.

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The Straw produces things such as utensils, toys, and accessories. These and many other products generated from the straw industry have contributed to the economy. Also, it has provided jobs for people living in the country due to its broad base nature.

The inclusion of the craft work in the List of UNESCO was the result of the joint work of various people at the firm who have taken a critical look at the works and how to promote the intangible cultural heritage of the world.

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus and the Representatives of Belarus in UNESCO have played a greater role in the recognition of these cultural heritages.

The government of Belarus has expressed its happiness about this new development. They have also congratulated the Ministry for its enormous contribution to the success of the sector.