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UN Secretary-General calls for an immediate Gaza ceasefire


New York, 24 December 2023 (TDI): The UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, addressed the concern for an urgent humanitarian crisis in Gaza during a clutching press conference on 22 December 2023 in New York.

The Secretary-General has emphasized the devastating effects on the lives of Palestinians, especially women and children.

According to the UN, the devastating statistics of the war are critically higher, which include almost 20,000 Palestinian deaths. 85% of Gaza’s people are being evacuated from their homes, and a health care system that is to collapse emphasized the severity of the situation.

The secretary-general has presented a distressing image of overcrowded hospitals, lack of water and necessities, and an imminent risk of starvation in Gaza.

The secretary-general underlined the importance of a two-state solution for a long-term ceasefire and urged the easing of obstacles to commercial activities in Gaza.

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During the question and answer session, the secretary general answered all the queries regarding the Security Council response and Hamas’s authority over the humanitarian crisis. He has expressed the necessity of cooperation on both parties and expressed optimism that the recent Security Council resolution would result in a humanitarian ceasefire.

In conclusion, the secretary-general urged a coordinated international effort to speak out in favor of peace, civilian protection, and a two-state solution.

Moreover, the news conference highlighted the importance of the situation and called for immediate action to enhance Gaza’s humanitarian circumstances.


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