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UN Security Council’s Verdict on Gaza Crisis


New York City, 24 December 2023(TDI): After an additional difficult day of discussions, the UN Security Council passed a resolution today to increase humanitarian supplies in Gaza.

According to US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield “This is a big deal, but we know that only progress on the ground can turn these words into action.”

She added, “The U.S. will continue to work with our partners to get more humanitarian aid to Palestinians in need.” She also announced the initiatives. To secure the release of all hostages held by Hamas. And to work toward a lasting peace

According to a report suggested by the Gaza Health Ministry, about 20,000 Palestinians have been murdered since the beginning of the war. Additionally, the UN anticipated that countless Palestinians would be buried under the rubble.

Additionally, UN reports suggest that assessments concluded that over 576,000 Palestinians in Gaza, or about a quarter of the population, have to deal with “catastrophic hunger and starvation.”

US Position and Compromises

Before the current reports, US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield told reporters as she headed the closed-door discussions that the US was willing to vote on the proposed resolution “if compromises made remained in the latest draft.”

According to her, “The draft resolution is a very strong resolution that is entirely backed by the Arab group, which offers them whatever they feel is required to get humanitarian assistance on the ground.” She also rejected allegations that the resolution was weak.

She stated that the United States, together with Egypt, which borders Gaza, and the United Arab Emirates, the Arab representative on the council that sponsored the resolution, negotiated the revised draft.

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Furthermore, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Gaza is facing a “humanitarian catastrophe,” and an entire deterioration of the humanitarian aid system could end in “a complete breakdown of public order and increased pressure for thousands to flee into Egypt.”

To avoid the US veto, the Council negotiated a “suspension” of fighting to improve access to life-saving relief, in contrast to the original proposal, which called for an end to hostilities.

The UN Special Envoy for the Peace Process Tor Wennesland warned of a collapse of the humanitarian system and expressed concern over the deteriorating situation for Palestinians in the West Bank under occupation.

He stated, “I reiterate that security forces must exercise maximum restraint and use lethal force only when it is strictly unavoidable to protect life.”

The UN Special Coordinator further emphasized during the meeting that “the scope of death and destruction in Gaza and the magnitude of hostilities between Israel and Hamas have been unprecedented and unbearable to witness.”



Aqsa Bibi
Aqsa Bibi
Aqsa Bibi is a dedicated undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in International Relations at the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Multan. In addition to her academic interests, she is passionate about understanding global dynamics. She has worked with various organizations sponsored by the US Embassy Islamabad. Her commitment to the field and determination to contribute significantly to international relations is evident in her involvement in initiatives. The writer can be reached at kaqsa064@gmail.com

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