Amna Baig
U.S Charge d' affaires and Amna Baig at the 16 Day Campaign.

Islamabad, 12 December 2021 (TDI): On the final day of the 16 day Women Campaign, the United States of America’s (U.S.A) Charge’ d’ affaires, Angela Palmer Aggeler, addressed a reception to honour the Assistant SuperIntendent, Amna Baig.

During her address, she appreciated the efforts made by Assistant Superintendent Baig. Amna Baig is a Pakistani official who has made groundbreaking efforts in advocating human rights, women’s rights, and gender equality in Pakistan.

The U.S embassy in Pakistan has nominated Amna Baig for a prestigious award called the ‘International Women of Courage Award’. She has made considerable contributions to help and support the women of Pakistan.

Amna Baig: A woman of valor

Amna Baig is an Assistant Superintendent in Islamabad Police. She is an inspiration for many Pakistani women in Pakistan. She has spent her life fighting for the rights of women and the transgender community in Pakistan.

Amna Baig is fighting to eliminate gender-based violence in Pakistan. Moreover, her goal to enter the police services was to change people’s perspectives about the unjust and corrupt police system in Pakistan.

Moreover, Amna Baig started a toll-free helping for domestic violence complaints. To address and counter these complaints, she hired more female officers in the services. To facilitate women who come in for domestic violence complaints with their children, she also established a child play area for them.

Additionally, Baig is the head of the Gender Protection Unit (GPU) of the Police. This unit was formed by the government to assist women and transgender in their fight against the injustices of society.

International Women of Courage Award

The International Women of Courage Award was established in 2007. This award is also called the U.S State Secretary Award for International Women. This award aims to acknowledge women from around the globe who have fought a battle to bring positive change in society.

Another goal is to motivate women to stand up for their rights and to put up a fight against gender-based violence in their societies.