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Joint Statement from Friends of BRI Forum on Democracy


Across the globe, 12 December 2021 (TDI):   Different countries and regions have globally developed their own form of democracy. With equal voice and participation of people in decision-making processes is considered as an advancement in the political development of countries and regions.

This has remained a pursuit throughout human history. Globally political parties represent the will of the people and are an effective part of democracy and development. Political parties are formed by the ideas and ideologies of a group of people believing together and striving for that idea for the betterment of society in a distinct way.

There are also distinct forms of democracy and development paths are practiced by countries and regions presenting diversity at a global scale. This is the beauty of the world and how many cultures, histories, ethnic identities, and ideologies are coexisting.

Keeping view these facts, we the Friends of BRI Forum representing Media organisations, NGOs, Think Tanks, M Business enterprises from more than 170 countries across the globe to issue a joint statement on the perspective of democracy and ideals.

-Friends of BRI Forum believe that as we all live in fascinating times of diversity at a global scale, wherein this variety of ways to govern and develop has transformed the world.

It is also possible that we all do not share the same history, social system, development, and culture. This also means that there is not a form of democracy that is applicable to all. Who will define democracy that is true or can be applied as a standard? Based on this no one can create a special yardstick or a standard format to define democracy.

This way of systematic and flawed definitions without considering the context of the countries and region is undemocratic in its own way and will not augment well for the development at the global scale.

Friends of BRI Forum believe that the in order to understand that if a system of a country is democratic or not through the fact that how legally, orderly that country is been ruled coupled with the fact that how country’s political system is work. We have to observe that is there a space for people to contribute and express their challenges and voice at the national decisions. It is also important to see if these national-level agreements are made and kept under the national constitution and laws. And if the administrative system works in fair competition and professionals are part of the team to lead the country.

Friends of BRI Forum also consider that as democracy is the right of people to decide that if their country is democratic or not. We also encourage countries to refrain from interfering in internal affairs in the name of democracy. We have witnessed its destruction and wrath on human development as this approach has remained flawed.

Promotion of the democracy should focus on the promotion of the people’s lives, happiness, and security. We are living in challenging times where the COVID-19 pandemic requires our global response, development, food security and climate change, industrialization, connectivity, and digital economy all require our global attention. There should not be anyone left behind on the path of progress and development.

Friends of BRI Forum is of the view that every human has the right to develop and prosper. There should be inclusive global governance through multilateral mechanisms for better regional and global cooperation.

Through multilateral approach, we all can address the common challenges that is faced by us all. We all need to work together to put forward the efforts to promote democracy but not at the cost of interfering in other country’s internal matter.

The encouragement of adopting shared values of democracy and freedom should serve as a guidance for creating a shared future for mankind. This will help countries with diverse ideologies, social systems, histories, and cultures will lead to the promotion of development together for a better world.

Friends of BRI Forum aims to connect the world with opportunities in supporting the ideals of fairness and equality with exchanges, mutual learning, and understanding. Friends of BRI Forum is a collective symposium for the leading Research Think tanks and Education Institutions, Media outlets, Business Enterprises, and leading Groups from 170 Countries of the Belt and Road Initiative to come together at one platform to converge and find prosperity in unity for a shared destiny.

Friends of BRI Forum is offering a unique opportunity for groups and individuals from the countries of BRI to share knowledge, experience, opportunities, and understanding of the Belt and Road Initiative and their specific countries to develop lasting collaborations. This Forum is meant to highlight the significance of BRI to the world through the effective use of technology, networking, and linkages to cement ties across the countries of BRI to one whole.



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