Stockholm, 4 October 2023 (TDI): The Swedish Royal Academy of Science announced the Nobel Prize winners in the field of Physics for their remarkable contributions to the generation of attosecond pulses of light, which enable the study of electron motion within matter.

This prestigious award was given to Pierre Agostina, Frenc Krausz, and Anne L’Huillier in Stockholm on October 3, 2023.

The Nobel laureates developed a technology that produces extremely fast pulses of light, which is capable of observing the fast electron movements within molecules. 

During their experiments, Anne L’Huillier observed different effects when she passed infrared light through various noble gasses, including Helium (He), Neon (Ne), Argon (Ar), Krypton (Kr), Xenon (Xe), Radon (Rn), and Oganesson (Og).

Pierre Agostina and Frenc Krausz recognized the potential of these effects in creating short bursts of light, which was previously thought to be impossible.

Pierre Agostina generated a short light burst lasting 250 attoseconds, while Frenc Krausz created single light pulses lasting an impressive 650 attoseconds. 

This award in Physics for 2023 total is 11 million kroner (£823,000), which will be shared among the three laureates. The award was the 127th Nobel Prize in Physics awarded since its inception in 1901.

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The award is a prestigious international honor established by Swedish inventor and businessman Alfred Nobel in 1895. It is awarded to researchers and scientists whose contributions to the field of physics expand our understanding of the physical world.

The Nobel Prize has a long history of recognition dating back to 1901 and is presented by the Swedish Royal Academy in coordination with various other organizations and committees.


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