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Japan and Czech Republic signs Air Services Agreement in Tokyo


Tokyo, 1 March 2024 (TDI): Yoko Kamikawa, Foreign Minister of Japan and his Czech  Republic counterpart Jan Lipavský signed an agreement between Japan and the Czech Republic for Air Services in Tokyo Japan.

The primary aim of the agreement is to improve air travel between Japan and the Czech Republic and to boost tourism and business connections between the two countries. It covers various aspects of air services, such as routes, frequencies, and operational procedures.

By addressing these factors, the agreement ensures a smoother and more pleasant travel experience for passengers traveling between Japan and the Czech Republic.

The agreement demonstrates the dedication of both nations to fortify their economic and diplomatic bonds. It’s anticipated that this agreement will lead to more air travel between Tokyo and Prague.

Moreover, this agreement creates fresh possibilities for airlines from both nations to grow their services and provide passengers with more convenient and efficient air travel options. It also lays groundwork for enhanced collaboration within the aviation industry,  it sets the stage for mutual growth and development.

The agreement highlighted the significance of working together and staying connected in today’s interconnected world. It is expected to have a positive impact on the growth of tourism, trade, and interpersonal interactions between Japan and the Czech Republic. This will strengthen the friendship and cooperation between Japan and the Czech Republic even further.

Key Points of Air Services Agreement

Under this agreement, both nations mutually grant the right to operate scheduled air services. Additionally, it outlines fundamental principles governing various aspects, including determining capacity, tariff procedures, tax exemptions related to fuel and other aircraft-related charges, and ensuring measures for air safety and security.

The comprehensive legal framework is anticipated to enhance people-to-people and economic exchanges between Japan and the Czech Republic.

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Moreover, both parties will use diplomatic channels to confirm the fulfillment of internal procedures necessary for the agreement’s enactment. In Japan’s case, approval from the Diet is necessary. 

The agreement will become effective on the first day of the third month when both parties have received this notification.

Idrees Khan
Idrees Khan
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