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European Council President condemns killing of civilians in Gaza


Brussels, 1 March 2024 (TDI): European Council President Charles Michel expressed his deep shock and sadness over the tragic loss of life in Gaza and strongly condemned the killing of over 100 innocent civilians who were waiting for help.

Charles Michel underscored the fundamental principle of international law, stressing that it does not permit double standards. Additionally, he demanded an immediate independent investigation into the incident to ensure accountability for those responsible.

He underscored the critical necessity for a ceasefire and emphasized the vital importance of ensuring unhindered access for humanitarian aid.

He also emphasized the importance of well-funded specialized agencies like UNRWA in delivering essential support to civilians during crises. These agencies play a vital role in providing assistance to those in need.

The tragic incident occurred on Thursday when Israeli forces opened fire on a crowd of Palestinians at the al-Nabulsi Roundabout area in Gaza City on Thursday.

The incident resulted in the killing of at least 112 civilians and left 760 others injured, as reported by the Gaza Health Ministry.

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The Israeli military said the shooting happened when Palestinians came near a checkpoint where aid trucks enter. Soldiers fired warning shots before using lethal force against those who kept moving forward.

Ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza

The ongoing military offensive launched by Israel since October 7, 2023, following an attack by the Palestinian group Hamas. This attack has resulted in a devastating toll on the civilian population of Gaza. With thousands of civilians killed and injured, and infrastructure severely damaged.

Israel’s blockade on Gaza has made things worse, leaving many people hungry and forcing others to leave their homes. Some people say Israel’s actions are like genocide, and the International Court of Justice court said Gaza needs help urgently.

European Council President Charles Michel reiterated the EU’s commitment to upholding international law and called for immediate action to address the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

Idrees Khan
Idrees Khan
Muhammad Idrees Khan is an undergraduate student pursuing a BS in Peace and Conflict Studies at the National Defence University Islamabad (NDU). He is passionate about analyzing global conflicts and understanding diplomatic strategies for peace-building. He actively engages in discussions on state security, international diplomacy, and conflict resolution. The writer can be reached at idreesbhittani123@gmail.com

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