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India-France strengthen strategic partnership


New Delhi, 6 March 2024 (TDI): S. Jaishankar, Foreign Minister of India met with the Secretary-General of the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Anne-Marie Descotes in New Delhi to strengthen India-France strategic partnership.

During the meeting, Minister Jaishankar underscored the strengthening strategic partnership between India and France.

The meeting between Minister Jaishankar and Secretary-General Descotes underscores France and India dedication to strengthening their strategic partnership. They aim to explore new avenues for cooperation across diverse fields, reaffirming their commitment to mutual progress.

Both officials expressed confidence in the trajectory of bilateral relations. Jaishankar highlighted the forthcoming Foreign Office Consultations and Strategic Space Dialogue, which he believes will bolster the momentum of cooperation between the two nations.

Furthermore, Jaishankar remarked, “Good to receive Secretary General Anne-Marie Descotes of France this morning. Our strategic partnership is growing from strength to strength.

He expressed confidence that the Foreign Office Consultations and Strategic Space Dialogue will further enhance its momentum, he added.

India and France share a longstanding relationship founded on shared values and interests. Their Strategic Partnership, initiated in 1998, symbolizes their alignment on global issues and their flourishing bilateral ties.

On February 29, the French Consul General in Mumbai, Jean-Marc Sere-Charlet, emphasized the robust relationship between the two countries. He particularly highlighted their converging interests in the Indo-Pacific region.

Responding to inquiries regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Sere-Charlet expressed admiration to India Prime Minister, Modi’s strong friendship with France and President Macron.

Moreover underlining the importance of bilateral ties at all levels, Charlet stressed the shared values and interests between France and India, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region.

Educational and Economic Collaboration

The Consul General also highlighted the burgeoning educational connections between the two nations, with a growing number of Indian students pursuing studies in France.

Regarding economic collaboration, Sere-Charlet noted the increasing presence of Indian professionals in French companies and the continuous development of investment ties.

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With over 1,700 courses taught in English in France, she encouraged more Indian students to explore the opportunities for education in France.


Idrees Khan
Idrees Khan
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