Paris, 8 March 2023 (TDI): The Permanent Representatives of Tajikistan and the Netherlands to UNESCO participated in an initial session of the organization.

Both countries will co-chair the UN water conference under the theme “Midterm Review of the Water Decade.”

The President of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, and the King of the Netherlands, Willem-Alexander, will preside over the summit in New York from March 22-24, 2023.

Jamoliddin Ubaidullo, Tajik Representative, provided updates on the UN Water Conference preparations during the meeting. He also briefed the audience on Tajikistan’s international water initiatives.

Ubaidullo emphasized the significance of the UN-Water Conference to the international community. More than 200 officials from countries and organizations attended the summit, which was held offline and online.

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Ubaidullo also discussed Tajikistan’s water-related projects during the session. He states that Tajikistan is known as the “water tower” of Central Asia. It is home to several glaciers.

Furthermore, he spoke about forming a National Water Resource Management Strategy and building infrastructure to provide access to clean water in rural regions.

He also stressed the necessity of increased international cooperation on issues regarding water. He urged the participants to join forces and collaborate to develop real solutions to water scarcity, pollution, and other issues.

Meeting of the Embassies of Tajikistan and Netherlands

The Tajik and Dutch Embassies also met in Dubai to discuss preparations for the United Nations Conference on the Midterm Review of the Water Decade.

A diverse group of diplomats and personnel from international organizations operating in the UAE, stakeholders, and water resource specialists attended the session.

The Tajik and Dutch Ambassadors, Bahodur Sharifi and Douwe Buseman commenced the session. The Ambassador of Tajikistan spoke on the global water agenda.

He stressed the successful cooperation between an upstream and a downstream country in various geographical areas to solve humanity’s most pressing issues.

The meeting briefing illuminated preparations for the summit, which will assess progress toward the Water Decade objectives.

The UN Water Conference will highlight the urgent need to prioritize water management and ensure water availability and sustainability for everybody.

Policymakers, experts, and stakeholders will be able to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the water sector in the conference’s open forum. They will also establish plans to improve water security and manage water resources sustainably.

The conference is anticipated to bring in participants from all over the world. The collaboration between Tajikistan and the Netherlands underlines the need for international cooperation in addressing the global community’s water-related concerns.

Tajikistan’s Engagement in the Water Decade Campaign

Tajikistan has been at the forefront of the Water Decade Campaign. It demonstrates its commitment to the sustainable management of water resources.

Tajikistan understands the essential importance of water in accomplishing its development goals as a landlocked country with limited water resources. The government is also actively working to improve water security.

Tajikistan has made remarkable progress in developing its water infrastructure, particularly irrigation, and hydropower. The government has built several dams and reservoirs, increasing the water supply for agriculture and energy generation.

Tajikistan has also undertaken water conservation measures and set policies to promote balanced access to water resources. Tajikistan has contributed significantly to regional water management projects and its domestic efforts.

The country supports Central Asia’s sustainable water usage through the International Fund for Protecting the Aral Sea and the Amu Darya Basin Program.

Tajikistan has also pledged to maintain its efforts toward water security and sustainable development as part of the Water Decade initiative.

The country has committed to expanding investment in water infrastructure and implementing water-saving initiatives. Moreover, Tajikistan has determined to improve global collaboration on water management, especially in the Central Asian region.