Brasilia, 8 March 2023 (TDI): The United States (US) Ambassador, Katherine Tai recently participated in an important meeting with the Brazil National Confederation of Industries.

During the meeting, the Ambassador and representatives from the Confederation discussed numerous topics including Brazilian industry, environmental sustainability, and workforce development.

Furthermore, US Ambassador and representatives from CNI emphasized various ways in which both countries can strengthen the bilateral relationship through increased trade and investment.

Also, they highlighted the importance of environmental sustainability and labor regulations, with a particular focus on how the two countries can work together to ensure that these issues are properly addressed.

Additionally, they discussed how the latest trends in innovation and technology can be used to further promote economic development and growth in both countries.

The US Ambassador expressed her appreciation for the important role the Confederation plays in providing valuable resources for a complete understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the nation’s economy.

By working together, Ambassador Tai and the Confederation hoped to play an active role in the advancement of Brazil and the people of the country.

For the record, Brazil’s National Confederation of Industries (CNI) is a non-profit organization that serves as a bridge between industry and the government in Brazil.

It promotes sustainable economic growth by providing technical and training assistance to Brazilian companies in order to help them become more competitive.

CNI also works closely with the government to develop national policies that have an impact on the industry, such as tax reform and labor regulations.

Additionally, CNI provides international and national businesses with information about the Brazilian economy, its workforce, and the latest trends in environmental sustainability.

By providing these resources, CNI helps to facilitate trade and investment between the US and Brazil, helping to further strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

To mention, CNI’s resources are a valuable asset for the US-Brazil relationship. By providing data and tools which support sustainable economic growth, businesses in both countries can benefit from increased trade and investment opportunities.

Additionally, by promoting policies that address environmental sustainability and labor regulations, CNI is helping to create an environment that is beneficial for both nations.

This type of cooperation only further strengthens the bond between the two countries and helps them achieve their goals for a more prosperous and secure future.