Addis Ababa, 8 March 2023 (TDI): Today the world celebrates Women’s Day internationally with the theme of ‘DigitAll’ to improve gender equality through innovation and technology.

With the help of technology, innovation, and education the international community call to close the gender gap in digital access that keeps women from unlocking technology’s full potential.

Webinar Session to close the gender gap

To address the gender gap and inequality in the digital age, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) with the African Development Bank (ADB) organizing a webinar on the 10th of March.

In the online event, experts across Africa will address how are African women and girls using digital technologies to transform their lives.

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And how to improve them economically with the help of technology?

They will also discuss the ways to support women in the process of digitizing their businesses, and the challenges to achieving this goal.

Furthermore, they will also address the ‘Digitally enabled gender-based violence that particularly affects women and young people and how to make information technology a safer place for them.

Through a dynamic conversation with the experts and leaders, the virtual session will raise awareness of digital data gaps and profile women’s achievements in the digital and Information and Communication Technology sectors.

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The webinar will be the opportunity to discuss the important role that civil society organizations, the private as well as public sectors, and all key stakeholders can play in closing the digital gender divide.

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UN Under-Secretary-General Sima Bahous has described the situation in Africa as ‘digital poverty’ the digital divide which “disproportionately affects women and girls with low literacy or low income, those living in rural or remote areas, migrants, women with disabilities, and older women”.

From a health perspective too, excluding women and girls from digital participation restricts their access to life-saving information.

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Under Secretary General, SIma emphasized urgently leveling the digital space and using it to safeguard and empower women economically.