Baku, 13 September 2022 (TDI): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan published a statement on the latest provocations by Armenia.

The units of the Armenian armed forces carried out extensive provocations along the state border with Azerbaijan and Armenia on September 12, 2022, beginning late that evening and moving into Dashkasan, Kalbajar, and Lachin.

According to data provided by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenian sabotage organizations planted landmines between the army of Azerbaijan’s positions and supply highways in several directions.

They did so by taking advantage of the region’s rugged terrain and existing valley gaps. Also, the Azerbaijani Army positions in the Dashkasan, Kalbajar, & Lachin districts came under heavy bombardment from the Armenian armed forces.

The armed forces of Armenia used a variety of weapons, including mortars. As a result, there are casualties among the members of our armed forces, and the military infrastructure has been damaged.

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Azerbaijani Army units took decisive retaliatory actions to silence the Armenian army’s firing points in order to stop further provocations and military threats against our nation’s territory and sovereignty.

These actions also ensured the safety of our military personnel, including civilian workers engaged in infrastructure projects on the territory of the Kalbajar and Lachin regions.

Furthermore, it is false information that has been circulated by the Armenian side and does not reflect reality when it claims that the Azerbaijani Army targets civilian facilities, infrastructure, and populations.

In general, the provocations of the Armenian armed forces against the Lachin, Gadabay, Dashkasan, & Kalbajar sectors of the state border, as well as instances of the Azerbaijani Army shooting upon positions in those regions with a variety of weaponry, were intense and methodical throughout the past month.

At the same time, Armenia was gearing up for a significant military provocation as evidenced by the militarization of its borders with Azerbaijan, the placement of heavy equipment there, and the use of large-caliber weapons.

Moreover, the normalization process is also being slowed down by Armenia under a variety of pretexts, the country is taking a divisive stance in negotiations with international assistance.

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Furthermore, the armed forces of Armenia are still present in Azerbaijan despite obligations under trilateral declarations and agreements, landmines are still being planted, including recently made landmines in the Lachin region, and new demands are being made.

It is pertinent to note that, the action that has since been launched by Armenia against Azerbaijan is a flagrant breach of both the agreements that have been made between the two countries.

Likewise, it violates the provisions of the trilateral statements signed by the leaders of Azerbaijan, Armenia, and the Russian Federation. Armenia’s actions are wholly at odds with the ongoing normalization and peace process.

Armenia continues to show that it is obstructing this process with all available methods while Azerbaijan carries out extensive restoration and building work in these lands that have been freed from occupation.

The Ministry underscored that Armenia’s military-political leadership is to blame for the provocations, conflicts, and losses. Any actions that threaten the Republic of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and sovereignty will steadfastly be stopped.