Madrid, 8 September 2022 (TDI): The Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Jeyhun Bayramov met the President of the Senate of Spain, Ander Gil Garcia during his official visit to Spain.

The representatives of both states emphasized the strengthening of their bilateral relations. They also discussed the empowerment of the inter-disciplinary relations between the two states.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs MFA of Azerbaijan released a statement regarding the course and discussion in the meeting.

Proceedings of the Meeting

Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov emphasized the good diplomatic ties between Azerbaijan and Spain. He said that the ties are built on mutual respect for international law’s norms and principles.

Azerbaijan is looking forward to cooperating with Spain in the areas of trade, energy, humanitarianism, education, tourism, and advanced technologies.

It was pointed out that inter-parliamentary contacts will significantly contribute to bilateral relations. The minister provided information on Azerbaijan’s perspectives.

He emphasized the actions to ensure peace, security, and development in the area during the post-conflict period. He further ensured the restoration and reconstruction work Azerbaijan had carried out and the reopening of transportation and communication lines.

According to Ander Garcia, the visit of the Foreign Minister to Spain is important for the advancement of bilateral ties. The signing of the MOU between diplomatic academies adds to the advancement.

The bilateral conversations were beneficial for strengthening collaboration in the domains of politics, economy, trade, and humanitarianism. It was noted that Spain has a chance to contribute to the implementation of the energy cooperation agreement struck between the European Union and Azerbaijan.

In the meeting, the officials also highlighted the importance of Madrid with regard to the legislative network of the Non-Aligned Movement.  They further discussed the Chairman of the Azerbaijan Milli Majlis’s visit to Madrid in 2021.

The Foreign Minister and the President of the Senate later discussed problems on their bilateral agenda and the state of the region.

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